Valuing & Selling Your Company For 2 - 10 Times The Market Average

  • For Sale By Owner - Eliminate Success Fees
  • Investment Opportunity VS. Commodity Sale
  • Access to 3,000+ Investor/Buyers
  • Electronic Matching = Accuracy & Speed
  • Proprietary Valuation Method
  • Establish a Global Presence

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BizHarmony Monetizes the Unrealized Growth Potential of Your Company as Part of the Value

BizHarmony is the first and only Merger and Acquisition Search Firm with an automated, electronic "matching" capability to bring business buyers and sellers together. Our proprietary method of business valuation enables qualified businesses to sell for up to 2 - 10 times the market average by first converting the asset into an investment opportunity for a much higher financial return, to be packaged and presented as a "For Sale by Owner" eliminating costly success fees.

For those businesses that are not quite ready to sell yet or need to grow their business for the best ROI, we offer consulting services that puts your company on the path to maximum business valuation. We specialize in creating opportunities for businesses with annual revenues of $5.0 - $500.0 million to double or triple the value of your business so it is worth much more when you are ready to sell.

Seller Advisory Services

BizHarmony can help you significantly grow the profits of your company, attain the highest business valuation and sales price for your business, and find the best buyer match for your company. We pre-structure your sale so you know in advance the likely financial outcome of the sale.

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Valuating Your Business

Learn more about valuating your business as an investment opportunity, with likely financial outcomes, vs. the traditional, historical commodity method (Dynamic Value vs. Static Value). Our pre-structure modeling gives you multiple options.

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CPAs & Corporate Attorneys

Professional advisors are a key part of the business sale process. Learn more about how we work together with our clients’ CPAs, Corporate Attorneys and Financial Planners as part of the selling process and how we can team up with your trusted advisors to help you get the highest valuation for your business.

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Get a Risk-Free Business Analysis with
No Obligation

Biz Harmony will put together a customized business analysis to help you get the highest possible valuation for your company before you sell. But if you or your advisors feel our relationship is not compatible, upon completion of the free business analysis, you may keep all of our proprietary material, and work with a competitive firm of your choice, with no obligation to us and we'll thank you for the opportunity.