Business Valuation Quick Form

A professional business valuation is absolutely essential if you are considering the sale of your business. It is nearly impossible to decide if it is the right time to sell without knowing how much to expect from the proceeds of the sale. A professional business valuation will determine a range of value which will help you make an informed decision.

BizHarmony has been helping business owners and it would be our privilege to help you as well.

Commodity Pricing


Investment Opportunity Pricing:


This will be a multiple (double X2, triple X3, quadruple X4, etc) as a result of the investor / buyer providing the expansion / growth capital to support the growth.


**The 'snapshot' of the value of your company generated from the data you provide in this 'Valuation Quick Form' is not meant to be construed in any way as the true value of your company, nor is it intended in any way to be an offer to purchase your company. This exercise is merely to demonstrate the ability of BizHarmony to pre-structure the transaction to an outcome commensurate with expectations, using proprietary technology.